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Introducing New Wineries on the Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail Part 2

We’re excited about new wineries that have opened up recently along the Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail in Gilroy, San Martin, and Morgan Hill. Check their websites for tasting days and hours and discover them for yourself! Read about two of them here, and read about two other new wineries here Introducing New Wineries on the Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail Part 1 – Visit Gilroy

The Garage & Little Uvas Vineyards

Little Uvas VIneyards sing with a green vineyard in the background

Rich and Rosy Bergin opened The Garage in May of 2022. Their seven acres of space in San Martin (just north of Gilroy) is trifold: a place to serve wine, a large garage with collector cars on display, and an event venue.

a woman laughing while taking with another woman at an outdoor winery bar


The wine they feature all comes from their on-site grapes in Little Uvas Vineyards (“LUV” for short). Their varietals include Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Barbera. All wines are made by Alphonse DeRose of DeRose Winery in Hollister. The Bergins’ wines are creatively named after their vineyard’s acronym, with names such as “LUV Bug”, “LUV the One You’re With”, and “Sea of LUV.” And “LUV” is what they’ve poured into their place, remaking it into a welcoming hangout space.

a tasting menu for a winery next to a plant on a table

They have an industrial-style outdoor bar with seating right next to the grapevines or on the patio. The potted tomato plants and other greenery, along with fresh flowers on the tables, add to the ambiance.

a wine barrel and vines with outdoor seating and a wine bar

It is no surprise that Rosy and Rich also offer some delicious food options, as they are the owners of the popular restaurant Rosy’s at the Beach in downtown Morgan Hill. Choose from made-to-order pizzas from their outdoor brick ovens or a delicious charcuterie plate with ample servings of meats, cheeses, fruits, and nuts. You may also bring your own food to enjoy with your wine.

a white plate with meats, cheeses, bread, fruit, and nuts on it

Dogs on leashes and well-behaved children are welcome. The Bergins have their own very friendly winery dog, a German Shepherd named Zsa Zsa, and a sweet winery kitty named Smokey.

a German Shepherd lying down on an outdoor rug by a pole

The Bergins are hoping to expand their options at The Garage by inviting other wineries to pour at their location. They also invite other car-lovers to feature their cars in the garage.

collectable cars lined up in a row in a large garage

Friday nights at The Garage are an especially fun time to visit. Rosy and Rich host a Happy Hour with $5 glasses of wine and reduced rates on their made-to-order pizzas. Happy Hour is from 4-8 p.m., and they have been busy—so be sure to come early to get your seat!

a woman and man smiling while holding glasses of white wine sitting outdoors at a table

Interesting fact: The Garage is located on the property formerly owned by Gilroy Foods, and they still have the building in which the garlic used to be dried. Now, after adding some additional insulation, the building is the perfect cool place to store their wines!

The Garage / Little Uvas Vineyards
255 Fitzgerald Avenue
San Martin, CA 95046


Cottage Creek Vineyards

wooden sign with a picture of a tree and the name "Cottage Creek Vineyards"

Cottage Creek Vineyards is a family-owned property with an outdoor tasting area surrounded by large, shady trees adjacent to Uvas Creek. Sam and Denise Russell, both Morgan Hill natives, bought the property in 2014 and built a Mediterranean-style house on the property. They also remodeled a small cottage on the property that they rent out. The cottage inspired the name of their vineyard, and it’s a beautifully-remodeled home with an outdoor patio with firepit overlooking the scenic Uvas Creek.

a creek running through the trees

Sam and Denise planted their first vines in 2016. They make a great team. Sam tackles the vines and all the outdoor upkeep. Denise handles a lot of the different business aspects of running the vineyard. They are both involved as winemakers and spent their time during the pandemic making wines and trying out different blends. Sam and Denise have worked with their experienced winemaker, Chris Graves, to develop their wines. Their goal is to create exceptional wines that they can share with their family, friends, and friends in the making.

people sitting outdoors at a winery under shaded umbrellas with a giant oak tree on the left and a small house

Cottage Creek’s wines are created from grapes that come from their growing partners in the Pacific Northwest and the Central Coast. Sam and Denise enjoy making wines with lighter alcohol levels, rich color, and perfectly balanced textures with grapes from these cooler regions. On their property, which has the perfect mix of misty mornings, hot afternoons, and cool evenings, they grow cabernet grapes that are used in their estate Cabernet wine.

purple grapes on a grapevine close-up

Sam and Denise have a large selection of wines at Cottage Creek Vineyards. They have whites such as Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay, rose and sparkling rose, reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Pino Noir, and Syrah. They also have a variety of red blends incorporating Grenache and Mourvedre. They have something for everyone!

two ladies holding a small girl's hands in the middle while walking outdoors by a giant oak tree and a seating area with a musician playing guitar

Cottage Creek Vineyards opened in May of 2021, and they are open twice a month. Be sure to check the website for dates and to make a reservation. They have live music every weekend they’re open, with some exciting artists coming in 2023.  When you book your reservation, you can choose from one of two outdoor tasting areas. The Creek area on the Uvas Creek side of the property has nice shade from the trees, while The Vineyard side offers views of the estate cabernet vines and plenty of shade. On both sides, guests will enjoy personalized table service, as well as a checkout station on each side to purchase their favorite bottles to take home.

a woman is purchasing wine at an outside bar with woman helping her and two servers in blue shirts are working

One of Cottage Creek Vineyard’s most outstanding features is the giant oak tree in the middle of the property, with a wraparound bench. It’s easily recognized as the featured tree on their logo and wine labels.

people sitting at tables outside with a giant oak tree and a small house

If you want to enjoy a longer visit to Cottage Creek Vineyard, you can book their cottage rental. Sam and Denise have seen more local guests visiting their rental cottage to just get away from their hectic lives and enjoy the scenic, peaceful space right next to Uvas Creek. Those who have a Club 3 wine membership receive a 20% discount on bookings.

Interesting fact: Cottage Creek has its own app. Find the app under “Cottage Creek Winery.” It’s one of the best ways to make reservations, check the calendar for music and event schedules, and more.

Cottage Creek Vineyards
12537 Watsonville Rd.
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

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