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Choose your own adventure and take some time to explore all the fun things to do in Gilroy, California! (Hint: You’ll probably need to book a hotel room—there’s way too much to do in just one day!)


Dine Your Way Through Gilroy

How to find the very best restaurants in Gilroy Whatever brings you to Gilroy, stay for the food! Whether you are here to visit Gilroy Gardens or the Gilroy Ostrich Farm, the 30+ wineries along the Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail, Gilroy Premium Outlets, or our scenic county parks, there are lots of places to find fabulous food in Gilroy. Check the Gilroy Restaurants page on the Visit Gilroy website to find everything from family fare and casual cafés to ethnic restaurants and gourmet cuisine. Dine Your Way Through the Taco Trail No matter what side of town you are ...
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A small gray dog and small tan dog on white bed in hotel room

Stay Happy: A Guide to Dog-Friendly Places to Stay in Gilroy

Whether you are planning to bring your dog along on a west coast road trip or a quick weekend getaway, you will find plenty of dog-friendly places to stay in Gilroy, California. And you will also find lots of fun for your four-legged friends while you’re here! Check out our other blogs to learn more about Stay Happy: A Guide to Dog-Friendly Restaurants and Wineries in Gilroy - Visit Gilroy and Stay Happy: A Guide to Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails and Parks in Gilroy - Visit Gilroy. Best Places to Stay Overnight in Gilroy with a Dog One the most stressful aspects ...
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Couple walking their dog during autumn

Stay Happy: A Guide to Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails and Parks in Gilroy

Looking for some fun outdoor adventures you can share with your dog? Plan a getaway to Gilroy, California and find plenty of dog-friendly parks and hiking trails to explore. Be sure to also check out our blogs on Stay Happy: A Guide to Dog-Friendly Restaurants and Wineries in Gilroy - Visit Gilroy and Stay Happy: A Guide to Dog-Friendly Places to Stay in Gilroy - Visit Gilroy. With so many great restaurants, wineries, shops, and other attractions, there’s too much to do in just one day! Hiking in Gilroy with Your Dog For you outdoor enthusiasts, we have great dog-friendly ...
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Two Dogs Together in Courtyard of Gilroy Restaurant

Stay Happy: A Guide to Dog-Friendly Restaurants and Wineries in Gilroy

Traveling to Gilroy with your dog is easier than ever! With plenty of outdoor activities, outdoor dining, and dog-friendly attractions, Gilroy is the perfect place to visit with your favorite canine companion. If you recently adopted a dog or have gotten used to working from home with your best friend, you may want to take a vacation but feel worried about leaving your dog at home. We get it—separation anxiety for dogs (and their humans) is real. But don’t worry! Your dog can join you while you visit Gilroy and enjoy the wonderful amenities we have to offer. Dog-Friendly Dining ...
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Roasted Garlic Bruschetta Recipe

This delicious roasted garlic bruschetta recipe is so easy you’ll want to cook it all the time for any occasion! This easy bruschetta recipe has the basic ingredients but with a little extra flair: fresh basil, a head of roasted garlic, a loaf or baguette of bread, balsamic vinaigrette OR wine vinegar, olive oil, fresh mozzarella, parmesan cheese and tomatoes. Whether you’re looking for an easy and light lunch recipe or a delicious appetizer to make for dinner, this bruschetta recipe is what you’re looking for. First, you’ll turn your oven on to 400 degrees, then prepare your head of ...
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How to Support Our Small Businesses

When you shop local, your dollars stay in the community. Small businesses are an integral part of the foundation and character of our small towns. So instead of buying toilet paper in bulk, let’s put our hard-earned money back into our community by investing in what we know we need... our local businesses. Although many of us have been doing what’s listed below, let’s hold each other accountable and continue doing everything we can to keep our local businesses afloat.  1. Do the Little Things that Make a Difference More than ever before, we remember the small acts of compassion ...
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Health Benefits to Eating Garlic

Since Gilroy, California is the Garlic Capital, we figured it’s only fitting that we share some of the many health benefits you gain from eating garlic! We all love to cook with garlic because of how versatile it is. Whether you’re cooking an omelet, roasting veggies, making tri-tip sandwiches or making chicken soup, garlic is usually a go-to ingredient. From what food family garlic fits into, to how garlic can aid in preventing heart problems, you’ll learn so much about these incredible health benefits garlic has to offer by the end of this blog post! Locally grown Gilroy garlic at ...
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9 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Gilroy, California

We all need a weekend getaway every once in a while! Especially after you’ve worked from home for months, became a teacher for the kids (don’t get me started on the Algebra homework), started a garden, and found too many DIY projects on Pinterest.  If you’re looking for Bay Area road trip ideas or even Bay Area road trips during COVID, Gilroy, California should be at the top of your list. Gilroy, California is a small town away from the city with delicious food, fun for the kids, shopping galore and as many outdoor adventures as you can handle. Read ...
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Historical Wineries in Gilroy – Hecker Pass Winery & Fernwood Cellars

When you think about Gilroy, I’m sure the first thing you think of is garlic, right? Well, did you also know that there are over 34 wineries along the Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail in Gilroy alone? Gilroy is a hidden gem in California and is well known in California for our incredible wineries! When you travel through the California Bay Area, make sure to plan a stop in Gilroy to visit the wineries. In this blog post, you’ll read all about Hecker Pass Winery and Fernwood Cellars. Buckle up history buffs! Photo by Hecker Pass Winery. Hecker Pass Winery ...
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Historical Wineries in Gilroy – Kirigin Cellars & Fortino Winery

Gilroy wineries have a beautiful story, each unique all on their own. A large part of Gilroy’s community are the wineries, considering it’s where we make so many memories! Our scenic wineries are where we choose to gather and raise a glass to celebrate a loved one's birthday or go on a date. Many of Gilroy’s wineries are also wedding venue locations for many Bay Area couples. Similar to our first blog post going over Solis Winery and Guglielmo Winery, we hope you enjoy learning the stories of Kirigin Cellars and Fortino Winery. Kirigin Cellars Photo by Kirigin Cellars. Kirigin ...
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