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Choose your own adventure and take some time to explore all the fun things to do in Gilroy, California! (Hint: You’ll probably need to book a hotel room—there’s way too much to do in just one day!)


Health Benefits to Eating Garlic

Since Gilroy, California is the Garlic Capital, we figured it’s only fitting that we share some of the many health benefits you gain from eating garlic! We all love to cook with garlic because of how versatile it is. Whether you’re cooking an omelet, roasting veggies, making tri-tip sandwiches or making chicken soup, garlic is usually a go-to ingredient. From what food family garlic fits into, to how garlic can aid in preventing heart problems, you’ll learn so much about these incredible health benefits garlic has to offer by the end of this blog post! Locally grown Gilroy garlic at ...
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9 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Gilroy, California

We all need a weekend getaway every once in a while! Especially after you’ve worked from home for months, became a teacher for the kids (don’t get me started on the Algebra homework), started a garden, and found too many DIY projects on Pinterest.  If you’re looking for Bay Area road trip ideas or even Bay Area road trips during COVID, Gilroy, California should be at the top of your list. Gilroy, California is a small town away from the city with delicious food, fun for the kids, shopping galore and as many outdoor adventures as you can handle. Read ...
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Historical Wineries in Gilroy – Hecker Pass Winery & Fernwood Cellars

When you think about Gilroy, I’m sure the first thing you think of is garlic, right? Well, did you also know that there are over 34 wineries along the Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail in Gilroy alone? Gilroy is a hidden gem in California and is well known in California for our incredible wineries! When you travel through the California Bay Area, make sure to plan a stop in Gilroy to visit the wineries. In this blog post, you’ll read all about Hecker Pass Winery and Fernwood Cellars. Buckle up history buffs! Photo by Hecker Pass Winery. Hecker Pass Winery ...
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Historical Wineries in Gilroy – Kirigin Cellars & Fortino Winery

Gilroy wineries have a beautiful story, each unique all on their own. A large part of Gilroy’s community are the wineries, considering it’s where we make so many memories! Our scenic wineries are where we choose to gather and raise a glass to celebrate a loved one's birthday or go on a date. Many of Gilroy’s wineries are also wedding venue locations for many Bay Area couples. Similar to our first blog post going over Solis Winery and Guglielmo Winery, we hope you enjoy learning the stories of Kirigin Cellars and Fortino Winery. Kirigin Cellars Photo by Kirigin Cellars. Kirigin ...
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Historical Wineries in Gilroy – Solis Winery & Guglielmo Winery

What better way to celebrate Gilroy’s 150th anniversary than outlining some of its history-rich wineries? We’re sharing the stories of 6 of Gilroy’s oldest wineries, which will be in three parts. In this blog, you’ll learn all about Solis Winery and Guglielmo Winery, two of the most well known wineries in Gilroy and Morgan Hill. Most of Gilroy’s wineries were founded between 1916 and 1970, and some are still family-owned! Enjoy reading the history on some of Gilroy’s finest wines and be sure to visit for a tasting to see what each one is all about! While planning your Bay ...
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Garlic veggie omelet with cherry tomatoes

Garden Veggie & Garlic Omelet Recipe

One of the best things you can do for yourself in the morning is make a nutritious, quick and easy breakfast. This delicious garlic and vegetable omelet recipe is one of our all-time favorite breakfast recipes! If you’ve been growing a garden during COVID-19, this will be a great way to cook up some of those veggies. If you’re curious what benefits garlic veggie omelets have, we aren’t totally sure…but when something tastes this delicious, it can’t be too bad, right?! First, you’ll wash and cut all of your veggies. Next, you’ll grab your small nonstick pan and turn the ...
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Garlic Capital Garlic Bread Recipe

Inspired by Robert Airoldi: Editor of Gilroy and Morgan Hill Life News Source, Italian by Nature, Gilroy and Morgan Hill Local by Day When it comes to the best garlic bread you’ve ever had, the Garlic Capital of the World, Gilroy, California, does not mess around! This delicious and tasty garlic bread recipe will easily be your new go to recipe when family is visiting or for a delicious home cooked meal side dish. Even though Garlic Month is over, we celebrate Garlic year long here in Gilroy! We're always inspired by the Garlic Festival, so we’re sharing some of ...
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Black and brown cows walking on a green hillside

Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch County Park – Gilroy, California

What to Do? Summer fun and adventuring outdoors in Gilroy means boating at Coyote Lake! Whether you’re planning a Bay Area road trip, want to go camping for the weekend in Gilroy, fishing in Gilroy, boating for the day in Gilroy or are looking for hiking in Gilroy, Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch has it all. There are several great Gilroy wineries close by to go tasting or pick up a bottle on your way to go camping in Gilroy, too! Whether you're looking for a hiking trail that's easy to social distance in Gilroy or go for a walk ...
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Roasted garlic on a red and black plate

Homemade Roasted Garlic Olive Oil

Inspired by Kathryn Walker Airoldi, an Incredible Cook, Mother and Realtor Every home most likely has olive oil, but if you’re looking to level up and make your own homemade roasted garlic olive oil, you’ve come to the right place! Since Gilroy is the Garlic Capital of the World, we figured it's only necessary to share a kitchen-staple item! We use only the best, Christopher Garlic, for this recipe. If you love making homemade meals for the family, we promise this roasted garlic olive oil will be used on a regular basis. Whether you are planning on making roasted garlic ...
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Pepper steak sandwich with melted cheese on top

Gilroy Garlic Festival Inspired Pepper Steak Sandwiches

If you’ve ever been to the Gilroy Garlic Festival, you’ve most likely tried the Tri-Tip Pepper Steak Sandwiches! As Gilroy celebrates Garlic Month, we felt it was only appropriate that we feature this mouth-watering steak sandwich recipe. So if you’re looking for steak sandwich recipe ideas, we strongly encourage you to try this recipe out! It’s a go-to summer recipe that’s both easy to make and healthy! Plus it takes less than 20 minutes to cook, and who doesn’t love pulling out the grill on a summer afternoon?! Usually we cook these sandwiches with Tri-Tip. However the store had these ...
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