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Choose your own adventure and take some time to explore all the fun things to do in Gilroy, California! (Hint: You’ll probably need to book a hotel room—there’s way too much to do in just one day!)


Road sign of Wineries of Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail

Discover the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley, Part 3: Exploring the Wine Trail

The 30-mile Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail is a loop that runs through Gilroy, Morgan Hill, and San Martin. It includes most of the 30 wineries that are a part of the Santa Clara Valley Wine Association. There are 25 Wine Trail signs to guide you along the way, with ...
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Rainbow-colored barrels and sign at Satori Cellars entrance

Discover the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley, Part 2: Diverse Geography, Features & Activities

The Santa Clara Valley boasts over 30 wineries and tasting rooms, from Gilroy in the south to New Almaden in the north. Each one is a unique destination that offers a special experience for wine lovers, live music fans, foodies, families, and adventure-seekers. Diversity of Santa Clara Valley Wineries While ...
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Discover the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley, Part 1: Fascinating Facts You May Not Know

If you love wine and are interested in California history, here are some fascinating facts about the Santa Clara Valley wine growing region—which includes all the wineries and tasting rooms in and around Gilroy. Fact #1: Santa Clara Valley is still The Valley of Heart’s Delight. The Santa Clara Valley ...
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Dine Your Way Through Gilroy

How to find the very best restaurants in Gilroy Whatever brings you to Gilroy, stay for the food! Whether you are here to visit Gilroy Gardens or the Gilroy Ostrich Farm, the 30+ wineries along the Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail, Gilroy Premium Outlets, or our scenic county parks, there ...
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A small gray dog and small tan dog on white bed in hotel room

A Guide to Dog-Friendly Places to Stay in Gilroy

Whether you are planning to bring your dog along on a west coast road trip or a quick weekend getaway, you will find plenty of dog-friendly places to stay in Gilroy, California. And you will also find lots of fun for your four-legged friends while you’re here! Check out our ...
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Couple walking their dog during autumn

A Guide to Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails and Parks in Gilroy

Looking for some fun outdoor adventures you can share with your dog? Plan a getaway to Gilroy, California and find plenty of dog-friendly parks and hiking trails to explore. Be sure to also check out our blogs on Stay Happy: A Guide to Dog-Friendly Restaurants and Wineries in Gilroy - ...
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Two Dogs Together in Courtyard of Gilroy Restaurant

A Guide to Dog-Friendly Restaurants and Wineries in Gilroy

Traveling to Gilroy with your dog is easier than ever! With plenty of outdoor activities, outdoor dining, and dog-friendly attractions, Gilroy is the perfect place to visit with your favorite canine companion. If you recently adopted a dog or have gotten used to working from home with your best friend, ...
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Roasted Garlic Bruschetta Recipe

This delicious roasted garlic bruschetta recipe is so easy you’ll want to cook it all the time for any occasion! This easy bruschetta recipe has the basic ingredients but with a little extra flair: fresh basil, a head of roasted garlic, a loaf or baguette of bread, balsamic vinaigrette OR ...
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How to Support Our Small Businesses

When you shop local, your dollars stay in the community. Small businesses are an integral part of the foundation and character of our small towns. So instead of buying toilet paper in bulk, let’s put our hard-earned money back into our community by investing in what we know we need ...
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Health Benefits of Eating Garlic

Since Gilroy, California is the Garlic Capital, we figured it’s only fitting that we share some of the many health benefits you gain from eating garlic! We all love to cook with garlic because of how versatile it is. Whether you’re cooking an omelet, roasting veggies, making tri-tip sandwiches or ...
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